Meet Lanexa

A Good woman is hard to find, but a good woman who’s a barber, that’s one in a million. Never underestimate the power of woman. Some of us are rare. 😉

Based out of Richmond, VA, Lanexa “Nexx” Neal is an educated, energetic, enthusiastic model and licensed barber with a passion for leaving people better than she found them.

She takes pride in her individuality and seeks to support and surround herself with people, organizations and brands that accentuate such. After attending North Carolina Central University for a little over 2 years, life redirected her back home where she started exploring things she loved (holistic health, wellness and fitness , and educating herself on his-story).

After returning back home working full time, while attending online college, she decided that she was ready for a change. She knew that she wasn’t maximizing her potential and needed to tap into her purpose. Lanexa had written a list of passions and interests that could generate income if all didn’t go as planned in college. She had no idea where she would start, but knew she had to!  She became enthusiastic and fixated on creating a reality that would bring her happiness and allow her to explore life while also serving others. One day in May, she decided to take the last bit of money in her account and sign up for barber school. A learning experience it was in deed but just the beginning of many lessons. Through time she has enhanced her craft and has had the pleasure of connecting and networking with many phenomenal influencers and artists in the industry whom all sown seeds in her that have encouraged her evolution.

Once completing school and obtaining her official barber license, she began exploring ways to incorporate her other her knowledge and passions with her to create the full “nexxperience”. She wanted to not only make people look good but also feel good.  She knew that she wanted to raise awareness and educate about holistic health, nutrition, fitness, beauty and hair but didn’t want to separate them because they are all connected. With patience, perseverance, practice and meditation, Lanexa has been actively working towards bringing her vision to life. This is just the beginning to a beautiful journey so stay tuned because the best has yet to come.